How should I respond if I notice another staff member using kernels and cues inappropriately?

Respond carefully, in a PAX way, and not in a way that would embarrass or shame or belittle that staff member—especially in front of the students or others. I prefer to ask permission from the person to notice something.  For example, I might say something like: “I noticed you using PAX Quiet yesterday, which is really great. Would it be OK if I gave you a tip on how to make it work better?”  When you ask permission like this, most people will say yes, and they won’t feel so defensive that they can’t hear your advice.

If they say yes, I might continue: “It works better to start blowing the harmonica on the lower notes first, since some people are hypersensitive to the high notes. You can do that like this (example of a riff) or like this (blow three different notes as example). I find praising the kids for their quick eyes on me makes them follow my instruction faster. How do you think these ideas might help your students respond better?” Notice that none of this is saying the person is wrong; rather it’s information from experience, and you are asking how helpful the tip is. If the staff member takes up the tip or otherwise improves, write a Tootle note that praises the change by saying things like:

  • “Wow, your class has gotten very responsive to PAX Quiet. That’s really helping when they are in the lunchroom.”
  • Or you could Tootle the class: “Way to go Ms. XYZ’s class. You are really contributing to creating more PAX in the school with how well you are responding to PAX Quiet.”
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